Corporate Profile

Kentriki Odos Motorway Concession Company Societe Anonyme(Kentriki Odos) has undertaken the study, design, construction, operation, exploitation, maintenance and management of the “Aftokinitodromos Kentrikis Ellados – E65” Concession project. This project of 238 km in length, is of high strategic importance for the development of Greece and entails the construction of the Kentriki Odos motorway (E65), from the semi-interchange with the Athens – Thessaloniki - Evzoni ( motorway at the Thermopyles I/C and will end at the interchange with the Egnatia Highway after Oxyneia (181km in total in length), as well as the management and maintenance of the Athens- Thessaloniki - Evzoni motorway section from Skarfia to Raches Fthiotidas (57 km in total in length). E65 motorway is entirely constructed on new alignment and actually connects Eastern Greece to Western Greece.

At present, the section from Xyniada I/C to Trikala I/C, total length of 77.5 km is fully operational, while at the same time, the South section of E65, from A.Th.E to Xyniada, is under construction. The motorway section from Skarfia to Raches is operational since 2015 and has resolved the major problem of road safety at Petalo of Maliakos. The completion of E65 is of particular strategic importance for the development of the country and the region of Central Greece, as it will connect Central Greece with trans-European networks, with the ports of Igoumenitsa and Volos and it will complete the transport system at a regional and local level.

A.TH.E. Motorway, in numbers

Frontal Toll Stations
Temporary Parking areas
Tunnels of a total length of 2,067m
Lateral Toll Stations
Snow removing stations

Ε65 Section (Xyniada-Trikala Section), in numbers


Frontal Toll Stations

Lateral Toll Stations
Motorist Service Stations (M.S.S.)
Maintenance and Monitoring Centre
Tunnels of a total length of 500m
Bridges of a total length of 1,630m

Total Passages







Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018: Long-Term Local/Regional Investment

Kentriki Odos earned the Bronze Award in the “Long-term Local / Regional Investment” category for the “Cycling Safely” program that it implements in collaboration with the “Panos Mylonas” Hellenic Road Safety Institute.

“Cycling Safely” contributes to shaping the road culture and behaviour of children as future drivers and aims at children adopting a responsible driving behaviour that will guide them in their future driving trips as adults. After being approved by the Greek Ministry of Education and the Institute for Educational Policy, it has been implemented with the cooperation of the competent Departments of Primary Education.

Fully compatible with the Kentriki Odos strategic priority of promoting road safety, “Cycling Safely” took place at more than 10 primary schools in 3 districts (Boeotia, Karditsa and Trikala) and trained nearly 600 students in basic road safety and the safe use of their first means of transport, the bicycle.

International Standards and Certifications

Kentriki Odos is committed to providing high quality driver services, a safe working environment for employees and to protecting natural resources for the local communities, thus our activities and works need to be regulated by strict certified processes. In this context, our management system is supported and regulated by international operating standards certified by external bodies.


Quality Management System
ISO 9001:2015
Road Safety
Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management System
ISO 39001:2012
Enviromental Management System
ISO 14001:2015
Health & Safety
Occupational Health and Safety System
OHSAS OHSAS 18001:2007

Management Approach and Economic Performance

Our Corporate Governance approach is based with transparency, integrity, credibility and ethics in our day-to-day decisions, as well as with ensuring the interests of shareholders and all parties associated with the operation of the company.

Financial Information (in th. €)

2018 IFRS 2017 IFRS 2016 IFRS
Net sales 27,278.02 88,067.65 144,497.32
Other operating income 411.39 767.43 3,863.48
Revenue from financial investments 7,089.75 49,092.12 18,572.26
Total income 34,779.17 137,927.20 166,933.06
Operating cost 38,052.32 77,017.24 127,120.69
Employee salaries and benefits 3,892.14 2,027.80 2,030.74
Payments to providers of capital 12,621.27* 11,108.92 11,483.23
Net profit / (loss) before taxes (24,445.95) 40,401.95 16,388.72
Net profit / (loss) after taxes (4,006.09) 28,540.38 11,616.1
Total payments to state bodies (taxes paid) 13,739.65 11,668.04 5,170.86
Company investments 5,367.36 79,147.47 119,075.23
Total capitalisation 644,810.72 689,634.50 656,520.30
Equity 113,999.92 121,629.87 78,792.03
Total liabilities 561,962.38 626,118.67 635,395.98
Total assets (in million €) 675,962.10 747,748.54 714,188.01

* Including payments to shareholders amounting to €2.8 million.

Net Sales (in th. €)

  • Exploitation segment of Central Greece Motorway
  • Construction of Central Greece Motorway
  • Total


Road Safety

Sustainable Development Goals related to our operation


Reducing the number of road accidents
Moderating the consequences of accidents
Preventing secondary accidents

The development and maintenance of excellent road safety conditions is a strategic goal of Kentriki Odos. From the very early stages of the project’s design and implementation, we ensured that strict construction specifications are adhered to in order to achieve the highest quality in road infrastructure and road safety.

Our Road Safety Patrol Cars are on the motorway 24 hours a day, in order to intervene and assist when deemed necessary, and are manned with specialized and highly trained employees.

Kentriki Odos Average Response Time per Incident Type (minutes)

Average Response Time per Agent (minutes)

Number of incidents

that we managed


for Road Maintenance


for Road Infrastructure Repairs

*The 2018 data also incorporates data from the first year of the full operation of the new sections of E65


Quality Service Provision

Sustainable Development Goals related to our operation


Customer service
Provision of state-of-the art road safety services
Interaction between infrastructure and users with the use of advanced technological means
Tolls (providing modern payment methods)
Responsibility in the supply chain

In Kentriki Odos we guarantee high quality services, in full compliance with the Greek and European legislation. We upgrade our processes and internal systems, in order to assure that our response is immediate and effective, thus ensuring high quality service provision.

Customer Service

Complaints by Category

Kentriki Pass

Evolution of ETC Transponders and Accounts for Kentriki Pass

2018 2017 2016
Active accounts by the end of the month (average) 2,685 1,348 483
Active transponders by the end of the month (average) 3,568 1,814 577

Supporting Greek Suppliers

We ensure the high quality of our services through the application of appropriate selection procedures for partners, subcontractors and suppliers. Developing and maintaining good relationships with our supply chain is a commitment that Kentriki Odos is honouring on a daily basis. Through our investment in long-term partnerships at both national and local levels, small suppliers are strengthened, and immediate effects are generated at multiple levels.

2018 2017 2016
Number Investment (€) Number Investment (€) Number Investment (€)
Local 206 425,905.88 151 184,443.51 153 300,558.11
National* 164 7,841,905.09 155 105,072,934.72 118 174,994,312.14
International 11 265,420.70 16 676,410.20 14 500,098.96
Total 381 8,533,231.67 322 105,933,788.43 285 175,794,969.21

*National suppliers also include transactions with connected parties. The change observed compared to 2017 is due to the completion of the Construction.

The ratios of our total investments directed to local and national suppliers were



Human Resources

Sustainable Development Goals related to our operation


Equal opportunities
Employee benefits and satisfaction
Continuous employee development and talent utilization
Health and safety

Our employees constitute the most significant element of Kentriki Odos. It is our responsibility to, always aligned with our corporate principles and values, continually improve the working environment and manage human resources on the basis of meritocracy and respect for diversity.

Human Resources by Age and Gender

  • Men
  • Women

Human Resources by Geographical Area

  • Attica
  • Greek countryside
Total employees: 201
Total employees: 147
Total employees: 119

New Employee Hires by Gender and Age

  • Men
  • Women

Total hours of training

in 2018
in 2017
in 2016

Total Training hours on Occupational Health and Safety

2018 2017 2016
Training hours 802 690 1,062
Employees 126 47 106
Training hours / employee 6.4 14.7 10.0

Health and Safety Indices

2018 2017 2016
Injury or accident rate of total staff (%) 0.50 0 1.68
Hours of absence / total work hours (%) 0.004 0 0
Accident frequency indicator 2.69 0 8.39
Accident severity indicator 40.35 0.00 0.00
Number of fatal accidents 0 0 0
Lost work days due to accident 15 0 0
Incidents without days of absence 0 0 2
Injury Rate (IR) 0.54 0.00 1.68
Lost Day Rate (LDR) 8.07 0.00 0.00
Absence rate (AR) 100.05 0.00 0.00
Total work accidents 1 0 2
Work accidents with days of absence from work 1 0 0

Health and Safety Investments



Caring for the environment

Sustainable Development Goals related to our operation


Environmental management
Raw materials and supplies (holistic management & recycling)
Air pollution
Greenhouse Gas emissions
Environmental awareness actions

Kentriki Odos being fully aware of environmental protection issues and the need for environmental risk prevention, implements its environmental policy by prioritizing environmental issues in its day-to-day business decisions.

The company recognises the extent of its impact on the natural environment and takes care to reduce its environmental impacts and halt climate change by implementing a comprehensive strategy designed to achieve the harmonious coexistence of the motorway with the natural environment.

Electric energy consumption for road lighting and buildings (kWh)

Solar energy consumption for Emergency Response Telephones (kWh)

Vehicles and Patrols

Kentriki Odos’ Vehicles





Kilometres Covered


Fuel Consumption

The operational needs of Kentriki Odos mainly relate to Diesel fuel consumption for its fleet of vehicles.


Fuel Consumption (Litres) 2018 2017 2016
Kentriki Odos Subcontractors Kentriki Odos Subcontractors Kentriki Odos Subcontractors
Gasoline - 3,292.19 1,730.1 15,682.7 505.0 -
Diesel (Fleet) 191,997.3 198,348.75 105,678.1 409,099.8 87,383.0 -
Diesel (Generators)* 2,000 1,438.77 - 5,920.3 - -
LPG - - - 111,000 - -

* The quantities refer to fuel quantities renewed on an annual basis. The fuel that is not used within the year is pumped out and recycled by a certified contractor. The quantities reported here do not accurately reflect actual consumption, as it is not possible to accurately record the annual quantity of fuel that has been consumed.

Use of Raw Materials and Supplies (Kentriki Odos)

Categories of Raw Materials Material 2018 2017 2016
Raw Materials (Kg) Salt - - -
Sawdust 950 900 1000
Printing paper 3,506.20 1,252.5 1,025
Paper (paper thermal rolls) 9,051 1,728.7 5,781
Ink / Toners (pcs) 36 32 -

Use of Raw Materials and Supplies (Subcontractors)

Categories of Raw Materials Material 2018 2017 2016
Raw Materials (Kg) Salt 3,179,210 1,511,762.4 1,841,190
Sawdust - - 350
Printing paper 125 50 -

Waste Management Table (Kentriki Odos)

Categories of Waste Material 2018 2017 2016
Semi-manufactured goods or parts (Kg) Lightbulbs 50 20 -
Mixed batteries 11 - 60
Batteries (Lead -Acid) 381.2 2,805 -
Batteries (Ni-Cd) 2,300 - -
Spare parts (cables) - 17 -
Computers / Electrical appliances / Equipment 480 63 -
Tires 1,942 1,410 930
Mixed waste (Lt) Engine gear box and lubrication oils 867 395 379

Waste Management Table (Subcontractors)

Categories of Waste Material 2018 2017 2016
Raw Materials (Kg) Iron and steel (barriers, signs) 21,500 31,850 34,820
Plastic (barriers, signs) - - 550
Mixed waste (Kg) Engine gear box and lubrication oils (Lt) 474.75 984.36 656.2
Animal tissue waste (Road Kill) - - 577
Mixed municipal waste 129,254 92,901 86,580
Other (Kg) Cuts residues 19,500 36,000 11,500

Total CO2 Emissions (tonnes)

  • Direct emissions from fuel consumption from own fleet (Scope 1)
  • Indirect emissions from electricity consumption (Scope 2)
  • Total

Environmental Protection Investments

in 2018


Contribution to Social Development

Sustainable Development Goals related to our operation


Welfare and social solidarity activities
In-kind donations
Cultural activities with a focus on regional development
Road Safety Education and Awareness Activities
Protection of stray animals
Corporate Social Responsibility Structures
Corporate communication

Our values revolve around people and local communities and we continuously develop, enrich and strengthen a series of programs and initiatives that focus on the social and economic development of the regions and municipalities adjacent to the motorways we operate, maintain and manage.

Annual contribution to Social Development - Social Product (in th. €)

2018 2017 2016
Payments to suppliers (except materials and intercompany transactions) 9,691.04 8,545.15 5,471.07
Employee salaries and benefits (including insurance contributions) 3,892.14 2,511.74 2,498.13
Payments to providers of capital 12,621.27 11,108.92 11,483.23
In-kind support, financial support and donations (including investments in Corporate Social Responsibility Structures) 117.52 115.67 79.61
Total 26,321.97 22,281.48 19,532.04

Interactive awareness and training programs in collaboration with the “Panos Mylonas” Hellenic Road Safety Institute

“Cycling Safely” program
From September 2018 to February 2019, 528 children from 11 schools from 3 different prefectures were trained on safe cycling and road safety

Comments of students about the program:

  • “I liked the fact that they showed us how to wear a helmet”
  • “I learned about the dangers of cycling”

Evident Support for the Disabled

Free of charge passes of special needs vehicles










Investing in Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate strategy


Event participations and collaborations