Road Safety

Kentriki Odos sets the promotion of road safety at the core of its philosophy and daily operation.

Customer Service

Our main concern is to make each single user feel that Kentriki Odos is the best possible travelling companion.

Road safety

In order to feel safe in every single trip or journey.

The Road Safety patrols are moving 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, across the motorway and are next to each driver in case of emergency.

Traffic Management

With specialized staff and state of the art systems.

The safe and proper operation of the motorway 24x365, as well as the timely response to any incident, are achieved through the Traffic Management Centre as well as through the dedicated Tunnel Control Centre.

4-digit Emergency
Telephone Number

At the disposal of any driver in case of emergency, 24Χ365.

Each driver can call 1075 either from a cell phone or from the emergency side phones placed along the motorway in case of a serious incident.


Throughout the entire length of the motorway as well as of the tunnels.

More than 280 emergency phones are at the disposal of each user to communicate directly and at no cost, with the Traffic Management Centre & the Tunnels Control Center.

Free Road Assistance

To immobilized Vehicles.

Aiming to their removal in a safe place, to secure the avoidance of traffic obstruction and certainly the protection of both the offending and the passing drivers.

Kentriki Pass -

Modern toll payment services for faster transactions!

Kentriki Pass is called the electronic toll payment service, via transponder which provided free of charge. Furthermore, Automatic Toll Payment Machines (ACMs) are installed and operating in each toll station, accepting both coins and banknotes.

Customer Service

At your disposal at the Customer Service, via phone at 801 700 7000, and via email at

For any comment, question or clarification but also for suggestions contributing to the continuous improvement of our services.

Professional Drivers

With a new, upgraded system for issuing entrance notifications.

A special system for issuing Entrance Forms for Overweight/Oversized Vehicles and Construction Machinery in the motorway is now at the disposal of the professional users.



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Road Safety Patrols


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