of the company “AFTOKINITODROMOS KENTRIKIS ELLADAS ANONIMI ETAIRIA PARAXORISIS” to an Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

In accordance with the law and the company’s Articles of Association and by means of the Board of Directors’ decision dated 28/03/2016, the company’s Shareholders are invited to an Ordinary General Meeting to be held in June 30th 2016, Thursday at 9:00 a.m. at Company’s Headquarters located in Lamia at the 1st km of the National Road Lamia-Athens, in order to discuss and decide upon the following items of the agenda:

  1. Approval of the annual financial statements for the 9th accounting period from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015 and of the Board of Directors Report.
  2. Decision on non-distribution of dividends
  3. Release of the members of the Board of Directors, of the legal representatives and of the auditor from any compensation responsibility for the 9th accounting period (01.01.2015 – 31.12. 2015).
  4. Appointment of the auditor for the 10th accounting period (01.01.2016 -31.12.2016).
  5. Approval of acts and decisions of the Board of Directors during the 9th accounting period (01.01.2015-31.12.2015).
  6. Approval of contracts of article 23a par. 2 of the Codified Law 2190/1920.
  7. Various issues and announcements


In accordance with the law and the Articles of Association of the company, all shareholders may attend the meeting, either in person or via a representative, and the Greek State as well.

Company shareholders who wish to attend the Annual Ordinary General Meeting must deposit all their shares to the company’s cashier or to the “Deposit and Loan Fund” or to any recognized bank in Greece at least five (5) clear days before the date set for the Ordinary General Meeting.

The supporting documents for the stocks deposit as well as any power of attorneys should be submitted to the company’s cashier at least five (5) clear days before the date of the meeting.


Lamia, 28/03/2016

The Board of Directors