The integration of motorways in the environment and the constant effort to protect and promote every area’s wealth is one of Kentriki Odos’s commitments.

The company implements effective environmental management throughout the entire project, in accordance with the requirements of the Concession Agreement and the relevant legislation.

The Company’s longstanding policy is to implement its practices and make decisions based on the environmental and social objectives required by Sustainable Development, as they have been formed on an international level. For this reason, the company’s primary goals include the following: to protect the environment throughout all activities of the Project, to monitor potential implications caused by the construction and operation of the motorway and to apply the necessary protective measures.

More specifically, Kentriki Odos obligations to protect the environment are set out in the Project Approved Environmental Terms. Some of the measures that ensure environmental protection and integration of the project in the environment are: to obtain the required environmental permits, to install noise barriers, to monitor traffic noise, to measure air pollution, to construct fauna underpasses, to restore and maintain vegetation, to construct pollution collection tanks, to implement Environmental Management Plans and to monitor traffic volumes.

The commitment of Nea Odos to the protection of the environment is described in its Environmental Policy.

The Environmental Service of Nea Odos offers environmental management and implementation of the Project’s Approved Environmental Terms as specified in the Concession Agreement and described in the Environmental Management Reports compiled on a semi-annual basis.

Furthermore, special monitoring programs for Motorway Traffic Noise and Air Pollution are being implemented on an annual basis in cooperation with specialized Environmental Consultants.

Finally, Kentriki Odos is currently designing and planning to implement an Integrated Management System in accordance with the specification of the ISO 14001:2015 International Standard in every aspect of the Project’s activities and operations.

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