The construction of E65 is one of the most important national projects of particular strategic importance for the development of the country and the region, entirely constructed on new alignment and actually connects Eastern Greece to Western Greece. Upon its completion, it connects Central Greece with the Trans-European Networks, Igoumenitsa and Volos ports and completes the transportation system at regional and local level.

Kentriki Odos’s major technical characteristics are the following:

  • 15 Interchanges
  • 6 Motorway Service Stations
  • 3 Fire and Traffic Stations
  • 7 x 2 Tunnels (of a total length of 18.285 m.)
  • 146 Bridges (Overpasses/Underpasses)
  • 88 Fauna Passages


At present, the section of E65 from Xyniada (32 km) to Trikala (112 km) is fully operational. These 80 km, of a high standards safe motorway, in combination with the 10 km connecting branch with the existing Lamia-Karditsa axis, have transformed the trips from Athens to Trikala, Karditsa, Kalampaka and to all the popular tourist destinations of Western and Central Thessaly. A major improvement for all drivers is that they can bypass Domokos area and reduce their trip duration to Trikala and Karditsa by more than 30 minutes

These 80 km of modern safe motorway, with 2 lanes plus Sercive Lane per direction, have:

  • 6 Interchanges plus 2 Semi
  • 2 twin tunnels, 1 km total length
  • 13 Bridges
  • 17 overpasses & 22 underpasses
  • 8 Parking areas with WC ( 4 per direction)
  • 140 culverts


At the same time, the South section of E65, from A.Th.E (0km) to Xyniada (32 km) is under construction. The works proceed rapidly and in strict accordance with the timetable submitted to all competent authorities.

  • In more details, in October 2019 overall construction progress reached 25%, and it is worth pointing out that asphalt pavement is almost completed from 0 km to 14 km. In addition, 2 km of the total 3 km of the tunnel of this section have been already excavated, while proceeding to a more detailed analysis the bridges show a progress of 40% and the pavements 35,5%

You can find detailed information on the construction works progress and complete overview of the projects, in our YouTube channel .