The construction of E65 is one of the most important national projects of particular strategic importance for the development of the country and the region, entirely constructed on new alignment and actually connects Eastern Greece to Western Greece. Upon its completion, it connects Central Greece with the Trans-European Networks, Igoumenitsa and Volos ports and completes the transportation system at regional and local level.

Kentriki Odos’s major technical characteristics are the following:

  • 15 Interchanges
  • 6 Motorway Service Stations
  • 3 Fire and Traffic Stations
  • 7 x 2 Tunnels (of a total length of 18.285 m.)
  • 146 Bridges (Overpasses/Underpasses)
  • 88 Fauna Passages

At present, the 80km of from I/C Xyniada (32 km) to I/C Trikala (112 km) plus 14,2 km from the south section of E65 (semi I/C E65 of A.Th.E. to I/C Karpenisi)  are fully operational.

The South section of E65 has total length of 32 km and reaches I/C Xyniada. The construction works proceed rapidly and in February 2023 overall construction progress reaches 88,81%.


The North section of E65 (I/C Trikala to I/C Egnatia, junction 15 km west of Grevena), has a total length of 70.5 km and its construction started in August 2021. With  budget of 442.1 million euros, the duration of the construction works is estimated to a total of 36 months and will boost employment with more than 1,000 new jobs, contributing about 0.5% to the country’s GDP. On the end of February 2023, the general construction progress reached 20,87%.

You may find detailed information regarding the progress of the construction works as well as a full presentation of the project, on our YouTube channel