The company under the trade name “AFTOKINITODROMOS KENTRIKIS ELLADAS ANONIMI ETAIRIA PARAXORISIS” and the distinctive title “ODOS KENTRIKIS ELLADAS S.A.” announces that pursuant to article 7.1.3 of the Concession Agreement and after the provision of all necessary consents, the repetitive Annual Ordinary General Assembly of the Company’s Shareholders, held on 9.7.2019, decided to reduce the Company’s share with simultaneous conversion of the same amount to Subordinated Debt owed to the shareholder. Accordingly, pursuant to the provisions of articles 29 and 30 of Law 4548/2018, the General Assembly decided to reduce the share capital by fifty nine million euro (€ 59,000,000.00) effected by return of capital and to simultaneously issue a Convertible Non Secured Bond Loan Program for the same amount. Therefore, after all necessary consents by law and the registration to the General Commercial Registry (“ΓΕ.ΜΗ.”) of the said announcement, the Company’ s share capital shall amount to six million euro (€ 6,000,000.00), divided to six million (6,000,000) registered shares of a nominal value of one euro (€1,00) each.